Accepted papers

The Practice of Everyday Sustainability: the View from a Farmers' Market

Eric Baumer, Megan Halpern, Vera Khovanskaya, Geri Gay

Focus on ego as universe and everyday sustainability

John C. Thomas

Effects of Reduced Connectivity in Rural and Remote Communities

Roberta Melvin, Andrea Bunt

The Kukui Cup: Shaping Everyday Energy Use via a Dorm Energy Competition

Robert S. Brewer

Exploring Practices of Thermal Comfort for Sustainable Design Abstract

Lenneke Kuijer, Annelise de Jong

Seeing Sustainably Everyday

Samuel Mann, Lesley Smith

Rebound Effects in Sustainable HCI

Samuel J. Kaufman, Six Silberman

Making energy practices accountable: Framing the design of systems to support sustainability using an ethnomethodological lens

Tobias Schwartz, Leonardo Ramirez, Matthias Betz, Gunnar Stevens, Volker Wulf

What if Sustainable HCI doesnít work (Well Enough)

Yue Pan, Eli Blevis