Update: Submission deadline extended to February 4, 2011

Welcome to the website for the CHI 2011 Conference Workshop on "Everyday Practices and Sustainable HCI: Understanding and Learning from Cultures of (Un)Sustainability". This site will be updated with more information regarding the workshop as it approaches. Please send inquiries to James Pierce at pierjam [ at ] gmail [.] com.


Key dates


About the workshop

Everyday contexts and practices have emerged as key areas of focus for sustainable HCI and design, since everyday life is a critical site for the exchange, transformation, consumption and disposal of material resources implicated in issues around sustainability. Everyday life not only is a point of intervention but also raises issues concerning how HCI/design can and should approach sustainability, such as who is in charge of deciding what ‘sustainability’ is, which cultural practices are drawn on in framing sustainability, and the ethical implications of different design interventions. This workshop will investigate how descriptions and theories of everyday practice can be employed in order to critically and creatively re-think how HCI approaches and frames research and design issues of sustainability.


Format and goals

This one-day workshop will include short introductory presentations, breakout activities, and group discussion around the following goals:



Call for submissions

We invite contributions from individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives and interests related to sustainability, everyday practice and technology. Selection will favor work related to the following areas:



For more information, you can find the workshop proposal here


Please email a 4-6 page position by February 4, 2011 to pierjam [at] gmail [.] com. You may use the CHI extended abstracts format for your submission.


At least one author of accepted papers must register for the workshop and at least one day of the conference.



James Pierce, Carnegie Mellon University

Hrönn Brynjarsdóttir, Cornell University

Phoebe Sengers, Cornell University

Yolande Strengers, RMIT University